Thursday, April 10, 2008


home. after 5 weeks it's nice to return. i have a new place to live and the snow is finally melting.

i wanna thank black mountain for taking me with them....from the heart. very amazing band, very amazing people.
it was also a pleasure to be in the fine company of bon iver, ladyhawk and the birds of avalon.

moncton to austin to vancouver. the shows were amazing.

the grand finale was in vancouver at the commodore ballroom. a sold out show with black mountain, ladyhawk and i. spirits were high. josh from black mountain rocked with me on 'the world's slowest man' to a killer crowd. ladyhawk proved to be my new favorite canadian rock band and black mountain......holy was an honor to play with them at such a heavy homecoming. thanks again dudes.


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wade little said...

wish i coulda been at the commodore... but i was fortunate to see all you play at the pyramid.

despite the dickheads causing shit in the middle of druganaut, all three sets were unreal... especially yours. love the record. really.