Friday, March 14, 2008

hi from austin texas

it's been a great ride. except for the crazy freaky snow storm.
burrito count....?
bon iver are some killer dudes.
black mountain keep on getting better. josh and i were talking last night about how many times i've actually seen them play. 5 tours....must be over 100 shows by now.
today i played in austin texas at a place called the typewriter museum. there was a goat in a cage beside the stage, four dogs sniffin around at my toes while i played, 10 kegs of beer, doobies and dirty punks. my favorite show yet.

photo by gabe. southgate house, newport kentucky.

Monday, March 3, 2008

back home in toronto.

i arrived home from the east coast, greeted by the man. wasn't exactly what i had in mind...but i'll roll with it.
it was nice to be on the canadian east coast. i haven't been there since i was a kid. i remember my smiling folks packing up the red jeep...with a camper in tow. pretty funny looking. drove from schomberg to pei....with my sister and i bouncing around in the back seat.
qff played the shows in montreal. all i can remember is some kind of connection between a banana, a bottle of vodka and the mic getting slammed into my teeth.
read eye mind.

moncton, feb 26, 2008

photo by chris frey.
the manhattan, moncton, nb.