Sunday, August 17, 2008

Monday, August 11, 2008

sappyfest 2008

Upon my return from this year's sappyfest i discovered that this was the only picture i took. holy shit. i think i'm giving away the absolute wrong impression. despite the sun's disappearing act, the festival itself was a blast. the picture just exposes my laziness. that's all.

top 10 soggy mems.

10. chopper on the endless trail.
09. hash hamburger.
08. castlemusic.
07. hard drugs. (the band).
06. woolly leaves
05. the wetlands. (the bar..... and the place we camped)
04. deloro
03. relearning to thrash
02. the dumptruck
01. down on the farm.

montreal rib slam. summer 2008.

from beer butt chickens to ribs that resemble a large, thick piece of boney bacon. some would call it 'disgusting' or 'gross'. i will call it 'homerun',